Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

A One-Minute Call Can Help Save Frogs Imprisoned by Brookstone

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Phone: (603) 880-9500


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Please call Ronald Boire at (603) 577-8200.

With your help, PETA has been working to persuade Brookstone, Inc.'s executives to stop selling African dwarf frogs and snails imprisoned in tiny "Frog-O-Sphere" tanks at their more than 300 stores around the country. Thanks to thousands of e-mails and phone calls as well as PETA's determination, snails are no longer being sold in Frog-O-Spheres! But the fight is only halfway over.

In November 2009, PETA conducted an undercover investigation of Wild Creations, the company that provides the frogs to Brookstone. PETA's investigator documented rampant neglect and mishandling of these delicate animals and total disregard for their needs, welfare, and lives.

We need your continued support to keep the pressure on Brookstone to stop selling frogs. Brookstone has had a change in its leadership, so your voice is more important than ever. Please take a moment to call Brookstone's new CEO, Ronald Boire, and ask that the company to stop selling live animals.

Read over the following talking points and let Brookstone know why it needs to stop selling Frog-O-Spheres:

    • The care instructions given to people who buy frogs from Brookstone are not suitable for the animals' needs. Brookstone tells customers and employees that these frogs only need to have their water changed twice a year and that they only need to be fed twice a week.
    • Amphibian experts have condemned Frog-O-Spheres. An expert said, "These Frog-O-Spheres are unacceptable in failing to meet the basic requirements for good animal husbandry."
    • Employees are reportedly failing to provide adequate care to the frogs while on store shelves.
    • Employees are reportedly instructed to deny sick, injured, and dying frogs much-needed veterinary care.
    • Frogs are confined to a small plastic box where they are slowly poisoned by their own waste.
    • Untrained Wild Creations employees toss frogs around like coins, deny them food for days, and leave the animals to live and die in their own filth.
    • Bags of "replacement frogs"—shipped to customers whose frogs had died soon after purchase—were thrown carelessly into bins by the dozen. Wild Creations prepares and ships up to 100 "replacement frogs" each day.


Please keep all phone calls polite. Anything other than a courteous conversation can hurt our efforts.