Urge Congress to Support a Tax on Meat!

PETA is calling for an excise tax on meat to cover the health and environmental costs of many Americans' meat-heavy diets. Cigarettes, alcohol, and gasoline are already federally taxed—with excise, or "sin," taxes—to help pay for their hidden costs, but despite being a leading source of environmental degradation and a proven health hazard, meat has so far gotten off tax-free.

Implementing an excise tax on meat would greatly reduce the amount of flesh that is consumed in the U.S., which is urgently needed because of the following:

  • Meat is the number one cause of global warming, a looming environmental disaster that threatens the United States with billions of dollars in damages from rising sea levels, worsening storms, and increased droughts.
  • Meat consumption, which is linked to obesity, cancer, and heart disease, is directly related to Americans' skyrocketing annual health care costs.
  • The more meat we consume, the more animals will suffer needlessly.

Please write to members of Congress, urging them to support this important proposal.

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