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Pink Speaks Up for Sheep

Pink screens her new PETA video
backstage before her Paris concert.

Outspoken rocker and animal rights activist Pink has long shunned fur and often opts for non-leather outfits. Now, she has joined PETA's campaign to expose the horrendous, hidden cruelty in the wool industry. Between her time in the studio and performing sold-out shows, Pink sat down with PETA to narrate our video exposing the bizarre cruelty behind Australia's massive merino sheep trade.

In the shocking video, Pink shows viewers the suffering that sheep endure in the Australian wool industry. Millions of lambs are mutilated each year by having chunks of skin and flesh cut from their backsides—often without any pain relief—in a practice known as "mulesing," even though more humane options exist and are already being used by many farmers.

Pink also describes the treatment of sheep who, because they are no longer producing enough wool, are transported thousands of miles through scorching heat and freezing cold in extremely crowded ships to have their throats slit in filthy, open-air markets often while they are still conscious.

Details of PETA's investigation into the cruel live-export industry can be found here.

Pink and PETA are calling on consumers to help end this cruelty by leaving wool out of their wardrobes.

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