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Tell Chinese Government to Stop Cruel 'Crush Videos'

As if China's cruel fur trade wasn't appalling enough, now there's this: Recently a video has been circulating online showing a woman in high heels stepping on and killing a small puppy. This cruel clip is part of a sick fetish known as "crush videos." In March, a similar video depicting a woman crushing a kitten was traced to Heilongjiang Province in northern China. As China's cruelty-to-animals regulations are extremely inadequate, it is likely that the woman in the video will never be charged with a crime. We need your help to convince the Chinese government to take steps to stop such cruel videos from being made.

Please fill out the form below to send a message to Wang Yingfan, China's ambassador to the United Nations, asking him to urge his country’s leaders to ban the production of cruel "crush films."

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