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'Bambi Butchers' Horror!

On August 26, 2007, a PETA investigator filmed the slaughter of deer at Musicon, Inc., a deer farm and venison sales company in Goshen, New York. Watch the video below and imagine the fear that these animals feel when being tortured and slaughtered. We need your help to stop this cruelty right away!

Deer are high-strung, extremely nervous herd animals, so any handling—especially by humans in a loud, strange indoor environment—is frightening to them. Our investigator documented that a worker at Musicon was kneeling on frightened deer's backs in order to restrain the animals and then yanking their heads back by their ears and antlers to expose their throats which were then slit while the deer were still conscious. Some deer also had a restraint door slammed on their heads as they were bleeding to death. The animals remained conscious for up to two minutes after their throats were cut, and in one instance, a worker pulled a conscious deer from the restraint pen by grabbing her by the wound from the cut in her neck.

Please e-mail Norman Schlaff, the owner of Musicon, urging him to shut down this cruel business!

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