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KFC Supplier Exposed in New Undercover Video

Have you ever wondered about the ingredients in the Colonel's secret recipe chicken? If the flesh came from Tyson Foods, a major KFC supplier, there's a chance the big secret is that the bird was coated in some dude's piss before reaching the dinner plate!

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PETA conducted an undercover investigation a couple of years back at a Tyson slaughterhouse, but even that did not prepare us for the disgusting acts that would be documented during two 2007 investigations. During the investigations inside Tyson slaughterhouses in Cumming, Georgia the investigator documented that a worker pissed on the conveyor belt on which chickens are moved to be hung!

The investigator also documented sickening cruelty to animals in both the Georgia and Tennessee slaughterhouses. Supervisors at both facilities either were directly involved in the abuse or were made aware of it by the investigator—but they did not stop it. In addition to the cuts and broken limbs suffered by live chickens at these slaughterhouses, the investigator documented the following:

  • One worker admitted that he broke a chicken's back by beating the bird against a rail, a back-up killer stabbed birds in the neck area with knives, and hangers hung birds from shackles by their necks instead of by their legs.
  • Our investigator videotaped a supervisor telling him it was acceptable to rip the heads off live birds who had been improperly shackled.
  • Problems unfixed for days with the stunning process left tens of thousands of birds subject to the killing-machine blades while they were conscious and improperly positioned.
  • Birds routinely arrived at the slaughterhouses dead and severely mutilated. On one particularly bad day, up to 300 chickens died. A supervisor later blamed such deaths on the heat and the severely crowded transport crates.

To learn more about the cruelty documented, please watch the video above.

Please write to KFC and Tyson Foods and demand that they follow through with PETA's recommendations to stop this hideous abuse by adopting strict welfare and monitoring standards.

While these changes would help reduce the suffering of chickens, the single best thing you can do to help animals killed for food is to go vegetarian.

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