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PetSmart Condemns Birds to A Life Sentence Behind Bars!

You may be aware of our nation’s dog and cat overpopulation crisis, but did you know that birds face the same problem? In homes throughout the United States, an estimated 40 million birds are kept caged and captive—lonely, bored, and a long way from their magnificent homes. Just as puppy mills churn out dogs for money-hungry pet stores to sell, huge commercial bird operations house birds by the thousands in order to sell them to PetSmart and its competitors. Mother birds are separated from their babies in these dank, dark warehouses. All of this so that PetSmart and other stores like it can make a buck.

As an industry leader, PetSmart has the power and the responsibility to make a change. Use the form below to send a message to PetSmart today urging it to stop selling birds. Also, be sure to forward this alert to your friends so that they can get involved.

Personalized letters always work best. Feel free to use the following text, but your message will carry more weight if you write your own customized message and subject line.

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  • PetSmart Customer Service

Dear [Decision Maker],

I can't believe that PetSmart, a company that claims to care about animal welfare, supports the mass breeding of birds, forcing tens of thousands of animals to a life sentence in a cage.

I refuse to shop at PetSmart until it stops selling birds as merchandise, and I will urge my friends and family members to do the same.

[Your Name]

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