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Shut Down Bonsai Kitten for Good!

By now you’ve probably heard about the "Bonsai Kitten" Web site, which claims to be selling kittens who have been stuffed into bottles and fed chemicals in order to make their bones grow in the shape of the bottle. Fortunately, this site has been proved to be a hoax—and no kittens were actually harmed—but it is hideous nonetheless.

Over the past few years, this site has been taken down multiple times, but every few months it reemerges, causing a panic among compassionate people who are unaware that it is not real and resulting in a flood of e-mails from outraged people to PETA and other animal protection groups. Please sign our petition asking that this disgusting site be shut down for good! Also, be sure to forward this petition on to all your friends and ask them to add their names to the petition too.

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Bonsai Kitten promotes cruelty to animals. By signing this petition, I agree that this site should be shut down for good.

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