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Hayden Panettiere, Hero to Dolphins

Photo by Jenny Bierlich/ © 2007
Hayden Panettiere recently made headlines again, but not for what she was wearing, whom she may or may not be dating, or what hot nightspot she was frequenting. It was for her efforts to help stop the slaughter of sea animals.

Hayden and five other brave surfers paddled out into the sea on their boards in an attempt to disrupt Japan's annual dolphin slaughter, which kills more than 22,000 of the gentle mammals each year.

Not many people would risk their lives by paddling into the sea to take on an angry mob of boathook-wielding Japanese anglers, but that's just the kind of kick-butt gal Hayden is. So we at peta2 say thanks to Hayden for her courageous efforts by making her the recipient of our "Compassion in Action" Award.

If you agree with Hayden that the Japanese government needs to ban the slaughter of dolphins now and forever, please sign here today!

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I was shocked when I recently learned that the Japanese government is allowing thousands of dolphins to be slaughtered by anglers. The images of water turned red from these animals' blood are a reminder that we must be more compassionate. In fact, the slaughter of dolphins, whales, and other marine life has resulted in ecological devastation across the oceans.

In a world filled with so much violence, we must not tolerate this type of systematic destruction of life. I agree with Hayden Panettiere that the dolphin slaughter must be stopped.

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