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The Cool Kids Run the School

Pop quiz: What do peta2 and Chicago hip-hop duo The Cool Kids have in common? Here's a hint: The Kids think the way our society treats animals leaves a lot to be desired. Sound like anyone else you know? Thought so.

Mikey Rocks and Chuck English have a definite crush on the '80s, with their Beastie Boys style and their retro flow. But they also have a soft spot for animals. The Kids were kind enough to invite peta2 out to table on their tour to raise awareness about animals killed for their fur, and they sat down for this exclusive backstage interview about fur, taking good care of companion animals, and, um, carnies. Just watch the video.

Life is like high school: Everyone wants to be like The Cool Kids. So when they say that they look cooler in fake fur, you know the same goes for you.

If you agree with Mikey and Chuck that fur is whack, sign the fur-free pledge today!

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I don't believe that animals should be killed to become someone's coat. There's nothing fashionable about bludgeoning animals and skinning them alive. By signing my name, I pledge never to wear real fur.

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