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SuicideGirls' Anti-Fur Campaign

Everyone knows and loves the SuicideGirls! The name alone has grown to be synonymous with diversity and the importance of embracing the fact that all people are unique and beautiful in their own way. Like peta2, the women of SuicideGirls are not afraid to voice their opinions, and this time, they've chosen to do so by speaking up for animals!

This ad campaign was by far our largest to date. We've released more than 40 anti-fur ads starring everyone's favorite pin-up gals, the SuicideGirls. Girls from around the world submitted photos to add to the campaign because they want everyone to know that fur is reprehensible, outdated, and completely unnecessary.

It is more important now than ever before to urge people to take a stand against fur. The majority of the fur sold around the world comes from China, where animals on fur farms have no legal protection. PETA investigators went undercover at a Chinese fur farm, where they documented hideous abuse—including the skinning of dogs and cats for their fur while the animals were still alive.

Check out the "Ink, Not Mink" and "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" ads starring the SuicideGirls and be sure to watch the video featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot.

Take the girls' lead, and sign our pledge to go fur-free today! After all, you don't want to contribute to the drowning, beating, gassing, strangling, electrocution, and skinning of animals, do you? I didn't think so!

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Every year, millions of chinchillas, foxes, rabbits, seals, and minks have their skin ripped off their bodies while they are left to writhe in pain and slowly bleed to death - all for their fur.

This needs to stop! Many people are surprised to learn that more than 50 percent of fur sold in the U.S. comes from China, where it's perfectly legal to kill cats and dogs for their fur! Undercover investigations showed that dogs and cats were trapped in filthy cages, shivering in fear, and wearing collars - which clearly indicates that they were at one time people's companion animals.

In signing the fur-free pledge, I will be taking a stand against the horribly abusive fur industry. I want to join the SuicideGirls by signing the pledge today!

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