Amanda Beard Poses Nude to Help Save Animals on Fur Farms

Swimmer Amanda Beard might be the sexiest and most compassionate U.S. Olympic athlete of all time. Need proof? Check out the anti-fur ad that she did—naked—for PETA.

Even with her busy and demanding training schedule, Amanda took the time to bare her skin to help save animals' skins. With the tagline "Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin. Don't Wear Fur," Amanda posed nude to help raise awareness of the cruelty inherent in the fur industry.

Amanda launched this ad right before the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. An investigation into the fur industry in China—which is where most fur originates—revealed that minks, foxes, dogs, cats, and other animals are kept in tiny wire cages in all weather extremes. In the video footage, animals were strangled or bludgeoned, and they were often still alive and struggling when workers flipped them onto their backs or hung them by their legs or tails to skin them.

The cruelty of the fur industry does not end at the borders of China. Every dog, fox, rabbit, mink, and baby seal suffers immensely, whether they are killed in China, Europe, or North America. "I have seen a lot of the videos, and [it] brings me to tears," Amanda says. "What [some people] think is pretty is actually something that's very gruesome and gross."

The origin of a particular fur product can't be traced, so anyone who wears any fur at all shares the blame for the horrific conditions on fur farms. The only way to prevent such unimaginable cruelty is never to wear any fur.

By signing the pledge below and encouraging your friends and family members to do so as well, you will be joining forces with Amanda to send a powerful message not only to the fur industry but also to designers, retailers, and others who directly profit from the suffering caused by this cruel industry.

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I hereby pledge to be fur-free. I am saying "No" to the cruel and barbaric slaughter of millions of animals around the world for their skin. I am saying "No" to fur coats, collars, trim, trinkets, and cat toys and other products made from fur. I pledge to expose the truth about fur and to spread the word until we close down the international fur trade forever.

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