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Tell to Stop Selling Fur

Despite knowing that the fur industry is violent and bloody, handmade crafts marketplace continues to allow sellers to post items containing fur.

The fur items for sale on Etsy come from animals who spend their short, miserable lives in cramped, filthy cages until they are slaughtered, often while they are still conscious, or they are trapped and beaten to death in the wild. Fur farmers and trappers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gassing, bludgeoning, drowning, and poisoning. Many animals are still alive and able to feel pain when workers begin to rip the skin off their bodies.

While some of the fur sold on Etsy may be "vintage," any use of fur for fashion sends the same unacceptable message—that it is OK to crush animals' bones in traps, to stomp on their heads and snap their necks, and to electrocute them for the sake of vanity

Tell Etsy CEO Maria Thomas that modern, successful businesses don't sell fur. There is nothing creative or artsy about tearing the skin and fur off animals. As long as Etsy allows sellers to post fur items, Etsy is supporting the fur industry.

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