Pledge Not to Wear 'Exotic' Animals

We can all agree that it's wrong to wear fur coats, right? Foxes, chinchillas, rabbits, seals, and many other animals are killed by electrocution, neck-breaking, and having their skulls smashed. We all know it's wrong (and sort of creepy, honestly) to abuse an animal for the skin off his or her back.

The ways crocodiles and other wildlife are abused for those "exotic" boots, belts, wallets, and bags are also cruel. Take a look at this video, and you'll agree that there's no excuse for animal abuse in the name of vanity.

There are plenty of fun, fashionable materials for designers to work with in this day and age without supporting cruelty. Please pledge not to wear "exotic" animals.

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I don't believe in turning wildlife into tacky fashion items. There's nothing fashionable about capturing, beating, and skinning animals. By signing my name, I pledge never to wear the skin of crocodiles, snakes, lizards, or any other "exotic" animals.

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