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Keep Admitted Pig Abuser Jordan Anderson Away From Animals!

During our investigation of a Hormel supplier, we documented that workers were kicking pigs, beating them with metal rods, and jabbing clothespins into their eyes. Twenty-two criminal charges were eventually filed against six employees, and now five of the six employees have admitted that they abused livestock. One of the admitted animal abusers is former farm manager Jordan Anderson.

Each of the employees who admitted to abusing pigs will serve one to two years' probation and pay a fine, and most importantly, all but one will be prohibited from working with animals during the probation period.

Despite an assurance in October from Audubon-Manning Veterinary Clinic (AMVC), LLC, President Daryl Olsen, D.V.M., that former farm manager Jordan Anderson "has been suspended from working with livestock pending the outcome of the charges," a whistleblower told us that Anderson is currently employed at a hog-confinement facility that Dr. Olsen reportedly owns. Dr. Olsen has not answered PETA's inquiry regarding this disturbing report.

Now we need your help to keep Jordan, an admitted pig abuser, away from animals!

Please ask Dr. Olsen to confirm that his company does not pay admitted animal abusers or neglectors like Jordan Anderson, or those convicted of such crimes, to work with live animals.


  • Dr. Daryl Olsen


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