Mike White's 'Veggie Testimonial' Mike White's 'Veggie Testimonial'

Mike White's 'Veggie Testimonial'

Mike White, the creative mastermind behind such quirky comedies as School of Rock, Nacho Libre, and The Good Girl, has stepped in front of the camera to star in PETA's "veggie testimonial" ad series.

The writer, producer, and actor, who made his directorial debut with 2007's Year of the Dog, explains that it was actually his dog who influenced him to stop eating animals. Says Mike, "You know I have a dog who looks a lot like a pig, and I would look at him and I'd think, you know I can not eat pig any more."

Like dogs and cats, pigs, chickens, cows, fish, and other animals raised and killed for food feel loneliness, pain, fear, joy, and happiness. They have personalities and show love and affection just as our beloved animal companions do, yet there are no laws to protect these animals from things that could be illegal if done to dogs and cats.

Mike hopes that you'll make the connection between the animals you love and those you call "dinner." Check out what else Mike had to say in his exclusive interview on The PETA Files.

Please join Mike and take the Pledge to Be Veg today!  It's easier than you think to eliminate flesh from your diet, especially since we'll be sending you all the resources you'll need to get started. You'll be helping animals and improving your health at the same time, which sounds like a win-win situation to us.

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