Tell Shiseido to Stop Testing Cosmetics on Animals

Shiseido Cosmetics—the largest cosmetics manufacturer in Japan—continues to test on animals even though more sophisticated non-animal methods now exist.

In product testing on animals, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other animals are forced to swallow or inhale massive quantities of a test substance or endure the pain of having a chemical eat away at their sensitive eyes and skin—even though the results of animal tests are often not applicable to humans.

In eye and skin-irritation tests, rabbits are often immobilized in full-body restraints while a substance is dripped or smeared into their eyes or onto their shaved skin over the course of days or even weeks. Rabbits can suffer swollen eyelids, irritated and cloudy eyes, and inflamed skin, and if they suffer irreversible corrosive damage, they may endure ulcers, bleeding, bloody scabs, or blindness.

Some experimenters also use the lethal-dose test, forcing chemicals down animals' throats, pumping them into their stomachs through a tube, or injecting them into their bodies until a percentage of the animals die.

Please contact this cosmetics giant and politely encourage it to end all tests on animals immediately for all its products worldwide. By taking less than a minute of your time to contact Shiseido Cosmetics, you can help end the suffering that animals endure when used in unnecessary tests.

Putting your subject line and letter into your own words will help to draw attention to your e-mail.


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