Join Kim Basinger in Telling Yohji Yamamoto to Stop Using Fur!

Leading Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto received a heart-felt letter from Academy Award-winning actor Kim Basinger asking him to take cruelty out of his designs. She wrote, "By making the kind choice to shun fur (and fur trim, which helps to keep the cruel fur trade alive), you can be a leader in fashion and compassion, setting a wonderful example for the rest of the industry to follow ."

Terrified and kept in cramped, unsanitary cages for their entire lives, animals on fur farms are often stomped, bludgeoned, and beaten before they are skinned alive. Although everyone who buys fur contributes to this cruelty, she reminds Yohji Yamamoto that "as Japan's leading fashion designer, you in particular are able to set an example for others and establish a more compassionate trend away from fur ."

Many top designers—including Stella McCartney, Betsey Johnson, Anne Klein, Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garçons, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Bouwer, Chloé, Perry Ellis, and Todd Oldham—already refuse to work with fur.

Please join Kim Basinger in giving a voice to animals. Use the form below to urge Yohji Yamamoto to pledge not to use fur—including fur trim—in his collections. Let him know that there are many fashionable alternatives that don't involve the slaughter of innocent animals.

Personalized letters always work best, so feel free to add your own thoughts and opinions!


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