Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

Take the Pledge to Go Vegan!

If you believe that taking calves away from their mothers and killing them so that we can hook their mothers up to milking machines is disgusting:

If you believe that pigs don't deserve to be castrated or spend their entire lives in gestation crates:

If you believe that suffocating baby chicks in bags is insanely cruel:

If you understand that animals value their lives, have emotions, and feel pain, just as humans do:

If you don't want to contribute to our planet's destruction or world hunger:

Then you should go vegan, because not supporting the cruel dairy, egg, and meat industries is the only way to live according to your beliefs!

Pledge to leave animals off your plate, and get a month's worth of tips, recipes, and more about going vegan!


Pledge to Go Vegan!

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I know that eating animals causes them unimaginable suffering, destroys the planet, and is bad for my health, so I am pledging to go vegan!

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