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Steve-O Says, 'Cut Class, Not Frogs!'

Steve-O's Cut Class, Not Frogs Ad

Steve-O wants you to know that you have the right to refuse to dissect animals.  That's why he posed for his latest peta2 ad (fully clothed this time) bearing the tagline, "Cut Class, Not Frogs." I mean, come on. Who better to encourage you to cut class than our good buddy, Steve-O, right?!

OK, Steve-O's not actually encouraging students to cut class, but now that we've got your attention… Every year millions of frogs, cats, dogs, rats, worms, fetal pigs, and other animals suffer and die just so that students can cut them up for a grade. 

These animals don't donate their bodies to science and they don't die of natural causes. They are purchased from factory farms, fur farms, animal shelters, breeders, and dealers who often pick up strays, answer "free to a good home" ads, and have even been known to take people's animal companions right out of their yards.

Students aren't always aware that they have the right to refuse to participate in dissection, and often teachers try to pressure them by threatening them with a failing grade. Steve-O told us, "We shouldn't make kids dissect animals. They should have the choice to say, 'On a moral level, I'm not into that, and I choose not to do it.'" Check out what else he had to say during his photo shoot.

Steve-O's right. With a long list of modern, humane alternatives available—including virtual dissection—there's no need for students to cut up animals, especially when you consider that leading veterinary schools, colleges, and even medical schools offer dissection alternatives. 

Join Steve-O, peta2, and the growing number of students who refuse to participate in dissection by signing the pledge today!

Pledge to Refuse to Dissect Animals

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With so many alternatives to dissection available today, I believe that no animal should suffer needlessly for my education. By signing my name, I refuse to participate in the dissection of any animal.

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