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Ask Illinois Central College to Drop Deadly Experiments

In cruel classroom anatomy and physiology experiments at Illinois Central College (ICC), rats are killed and have their lungs and intestines cut out. In other experiments, frogs are dissected alive, and students inject them with drugs to observe how it changes their heart rates. The frogs are then killed.

PETA also obtained graphic photos of the animals' horrendous living conditions inside a closet at ICC, including dead and dying rats who had most of their fur missing. Some of the dead animals' skulls had been picked clean by other animals. Many of the cages in which rats were kept had empty or missing water bottles. Frogs were kept in filthy, extremely crowded sinks, and many frogs drowned after the sinks became clogged and the animals couldn't escape. The photos also show that lesions were covering some of the frogs' bodies.

Fortunately, interactive computer simulations, safe and non-invasive human-based experiments, and other effective non-animal learning methods are available to replace the cruel experiments at ICC. In fact, Illinois State University and Oakton Community College have confirmed that they do not use any live animals in their human anatomy and physiology courses.

Please take a moment of your time to contact Paula Fraley, secretary of ICC's board of trustees, and politely ask her to replace these cruel and deadly experiments on rats and frogs with humane, non-animal teaching methods.

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  • Katherine Coyle


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