Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

Joaquin Phoenix Exposes Exotic-Skin Horrors

Joaquin Phoenix is best known for his passionate, heartfelt portrayals in movies such as Walk the Line and Reservation Road. The Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe–and Grammy Award–winning actor is also known for his efforts to stop the suffering of animals. In the past, Joaquin has spoken out in defense of animals from all walks of life—from sheep mutilated for their wool to turkeys slaughtered for Thanksgiving. His strong stance against cruelty to any animal makes him the perfect person to speak up for the millions of reptiles slaughtered each year for the exotic-skin industry.

Many of these animals are boiled or skinned while they are still alive just so that they can be turned into shoes, bags, belts, and other accessories. Watch as Joaquin narrates peta2's behind-the-scenes footage of the exotic-skin trade.

With so many affordable, high-quality, cruelty-free alternatives available, there is no reason that anyone should be wearing someone else's skin., H&M, and Nike have already made the compassionate decision to no longer sell exotic skin, sending a strong message to other retailers and designers as well as the hunters and poachers who profit off the suffering caused by this violent industry.

Determined to put an end to this exploitation of animals, Joaquin is urging top designers such as Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin to remove exotic skins from their collections. Please let these designers hear from you, too. Send each of them a polite e-mail asking that they stop selling exotic skins for good.

Pledge to shed exotic skin from your wardrobe today!

Pledge to Shed Exotic Skins From Your Wardrobe

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I refuse to support an industry that slaughters millions of animals every year, many of whom are boiled and skinned alive for fashion. I say "No!" to shoes, bags, belts, coats, and other products made from animal skin. There is nothing fashionable about cruelty. By signing my name, I pledge never to wear exotic skin and to spread the word about this violent industry.

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