Jane Lynch of 'Glee' Wants YOU to Spay Today!

Golden Globe nominee and Screen Actors Guild Award winner Jane Lynch, who has been entertaining audiences for more than a decade, took time out of her busy schedule playing twisted Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester on the Fox hit series Glee to put her comedic spin on a new public service announcement (PSA) for PETA. Jane's funny video tackles a serious issue—the animal overpopulation crisis.

Jane explains, "[T]here's 8 to 10 million dogs that are put into shelters every year and only about half of them are adopted out, so the other half are euthanized. And you know, it's a terrible thing to come into this world only to be, you know, taken out prematurely, so we can control this population by spay and neutering our own pets." Save lives by spaying or neutering your animal companions immediately.

The only way to create a "no-kill" nation is to make it a "no-birth" one. There are plenty of organizations across the nation, such as PETA's SNIP mobile clinic, that offer no-cost or low-cost sterilizations. Your local animal shelter (call there first) or 1-800-248-SPAY should be able to refer you to existing programs and participating veterinarians.

Jane, a Chicago-area native, is so passionate about this issue that she has written to the mayor of Chicago asking him to pass a law requiring people to spay or neuter their cats and dogs. Read Lynch's letter to the mayor and watch her exclusive interview with PETA here.

Join Jane Lynch in working toward a "no-birth" nation by pledging to help end animal homelessness today!

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