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Pledge Not to Buy Animals

When you buy an animal from a pet store or a breeder, you're responsible for a new member of the family! You're also responsible for the death of an animal in a shelter who needed a home. You can help prevent this: Pledge not to buy animals!

Shelter Dog
Homelessness is not just a human problem. Every year, U.S. animal shelters must euthanize nearly 4 million dogs and cats because of simple math: too many animals, not enough worthy adoptive homes. If you want to bring an animal into your life, always adopt from an animal shelter.

Pledge Not to Buy Animals

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I want to help put an end to animal homelessness. By signing my name, I pledge not to buy companion animals from breeders or pet stores. If I choose to bring an animal into my life, I will adopt from an animal shelter.

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