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Urge Utah Animal Shelter to Stop Selling Dogs and Cats to Labs!

Remington's record from the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter read, "Great with other dogs. Loves to explore. Knows 'sit.'" He was sold to University of Utah for $20 in August 2009

A recent PETA undercover investigation revealed that the University of Utah purchases homeless dogs and cats from animal shelters for use in cruel and deadly experiments. As a result of our investigation and the resulting public outcry, Utah legislators voted overwhelmingly to amend its pound-seizure law to allow animal shelters the right to refuse to release animals to the university. The new law prompted the animal shelter that had been selling the most animals to the university to end the shameful practice and sever its ties with the University of Utah, which was also recently cited for nine violations of federal animal welfare laws after a PETA complaint.

Now, only one animal shelter in the entire state—the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter—still betrays vulnerable animals by selling them to the school for experiments.
Some of the dogs and cats sold by animal shelters to the university have holes drilled into their skulls, medical devices implanted in their necks, and hard plastic tubes repeatedly forced down their throats.

Please take a minute of your time to contact Orem's mayor and respectfully urge him to stop allowing the animal shelter to sell homeless animals to the University of Utah!

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  • Mayor Jerry Washburn


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