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Tell Six Flags to Close Elephant Exhibits!

Six Flags is doing a poor job of caring for elephants. With eight elephant deaths and at least four dangerous incidents in the last decade, it's time for the amusement-park company to get out of the animal business and focus on what it does best—providing entertainment.

Six Flags has two facilities in North America—Discovery Kingdom in California and Wild Safari in New Jersey—that exhibit elephants. Both Six Flags facilities deprive these intelligent, sensitive animals of the most basic necessities, including the opportunity to walk great distances, forage, explore, play, and socialize in a herd environment. Six Flags also uses cruel and archaic circus-style training methods. Elephants are punished with bullhooks and forced to give rides and perform tricks.

Six Flags has accrued numerous violations, failing to provide even minimal standards of care. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited Six Flags subjecting animals to excessive heat that resulted in death; failure to provide environmental enrichment; failure to have a written exercise plan; failure to maintain facilities; caging animals in dangerous conditions; failure to provide adequate shelter, and other violations.

The exhibits at Discovery Kingdom are located in close proximity to rides, causing stress to the elephants who must endure the vibrations and constant noise. At Wild Safari, the elephants are kept in a drive-thru exhibit, subjecting them to a steady stream of vehicles, exhaust, and unsupervised visitors.

Please use the form below to send a message to Six Flags executives and ask that they make the compassionate decision to close the elephant exhibits at Discovery Kingdom and Wild Safari and to retire the elephants to sanctuaries.

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