Urge Doumak to Ditch Ringling Sponsorship! Urge Doumak to Ditch Ringling Sponsorship!

Urge Doumak to Ditch Ringling Sponsorship!

For years, Doumak, Inc. has been peddling its products at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performances. Despite learning about Ringling's routine abuse of animals, Doumak refuses to end its relationship with the circus.

It's no wonder that so many businesses stay away from Ringling's sordid reputation. Photos, video footage, and testimony from former employees document the circus's violent training methods. Baby elephants are prematurely torn away from their mothers, tied down with rope, gouged with bullhooks, and shocked with electric prods until they learn the confusing and physically grueling tricks seen in circus routines. Video footage taken backstage at Ringling shows trainers as they dig sharp, metal-tipped bullhooks into the elephants' sensitive skin and beat the animals with whips moments before performances in order to remind them "who's boss."

Elephants needs your help! Please contact Doumak Inc. and share your disappointment about the company's unwillingness to end its Ringling promotions. Let Doumak executives know that as long as they partner with the circus, they are supporting cruelty to animals.

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  • Barry Blum


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