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Daniella Monet Thinks Dissection Is Wrong

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You may know her as the stardom seeking diva Trina Vega from Nickelodeon's Victorious, but we know her as down-to-earth, animal loving Daniella Monet. She sat down with us to talk about the horrors of dissection in school, being vegan for nearly 11 years, and animal adoption. You'll see that Daniella is hip to many animal rights issues, especially when it comes to dissection. Check out our brand new I Choose NOT To Dissect PSA with Daniella, and then do your part to cut dissection out of schools by signing our pledge to never dissect.

Each year, millions of innocent animals including frogs and cats are killed to be dissected in schools, and those animals suffer terribly before they are murdered to end up on a classroom dissection tray. To make matters worse, the animals are often embalmed with formaldehyde or a chemical derived from formaldehyde, and let me tell you—that stuff is harsh! It burns the nose, and the preservative has been linked to cancers of the throat, lungs and nasal passages. It's not ethical, and there are plenty of non-animal dissection alternatives available that cause no harm to animals or yourself! Do the research and know the facts so you can take a stand. You have the chance to be victorious, especially if you're a student. Assert your right not to dissect animals, urge your classmates to do the same, and demand teachers provide a compassionate alternative!

You can save animals too, by making the choice NOT to dissect. Take our pledge today.

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I want to protect animals, the environment, and my own health by exercising my right not to dissect in school and completing a more humane, safe, and educational assignment. I know that millions of animals are tortured and abused before being killed and sent to schools to be cut up in the name of "science" and will take a stand against this archaic practice and encourage my classmates to do the same. By signing my name, I pledge to do my part to cut dissection out of my school by successfully completing an alternative assignment and showing the administration that education does not have to include murder.

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