Urge Hotel Chain to End Fish Rentals

beta fish

PETA continues to receive complaints about Kimpton Hotels' "Guppy Love" program, in which fish are rented to guests who are "in need of a little extra color, comfort and companionship—but no extra effort …." PETA reached out to Kimpton Hotels directly, but to no avail. We need your help now!

Being carted from one room to the next in small bowls is a cruel ordeal for these tiny, defenseless animals, who have no opportunity to escape and who are viewed by the company as expendable commodities. Fish are highly social animals who communicate, form bonds, and grieve when family members and companions die. When kept in captivity, they require a sizable amount of water, climate control, filtration, regular cleaning of aquariums, and ample enrichment.

Please join us in urging Kimpton Hotels to do the right thing and stop using fish as props for the fleeting amusement of guests. And please, spread this alert far and wide!


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