Urge the Australian Government to End Hellish Live Export

australia live sheep wool exportIn 2012, tens of thousands of sick sheep suffered horrifically aboard two Australian live-export ships headed for the Middle East. Amid concerns about the disease scabby mouth, 22,000 of these sheep were turned away by Bahrain and forced to endure an additional 14 days at sea. Your voice is needed!

Every year, approximately 3 million sheep are exported from Australia—many cast off from the wool industry. The gruelling journey can last several weeks through all weather extremes, with sheep forced to stand in their own waste on ships that hold up to 100,000 animals. Conditions are hot and cramped. Many of these sheep starve to death, are trampled or become ill and die on their trip to the Middle East or North Africa. Upon arrival, sheep who survive the stress of the journey are often subjected to handling and slaughter methods that are illegal in Australia. The animals are often kicked, beaten and prodded and dragged off trucks and into slaughterhouses by their ears and legs, and many have their throats slit while they're still conscious.

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