Willis McGahee Chooses 'Ink, Not Mink'

Willis McGahee

NFL running back Willis McGahee scores a first down in the fight against cruelty to animals by joining PETA's famed "Ink, Not Mink" campaign. This team player shows off his skin in a super-sexy nude public service announcement (PSA) to help animals save their skins. Because animals who are killed for their fur endure tremendous pain and suffering, McGahee chooses "Ink, Not Mink" and encourages his fans to do the same.

Lucky us, he has appeared in two hot "Ink, Not Mink" ads for PETA! Check out Willis McGahee's second ad on the PETA Files.

Foxes, minks, rabbits, and even dogs and cats are bludgeoned to death, hanged, bled to death, or skinned alive for their fur. Many animals on fur farms are even vaginally or anally electrocuted. "You don't want to just sit there and electrocute an animal just for its fur or anything like that, you know—that's, that's not right," McGahee explains to PETA. "And that's something I believe in." By choosing never to buy or wear fur or fur trim, you can help prevent the suffering of helpless animals worldwide and put an end to this cruel industry.

Watch this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from Willis McGahee's naked "Ink, Not Mink" photo shoot to learn more about why he refuses to wear fur.

Join McGahee in taking a stand against the cruel fur industry and pledge to be fur-free!

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I won't support an industry that causes any animal a lifetime of suffering and a cruel and painful death. No animals will be tortured and killed just so that I can wear their skins. By signing my name, I pledge not to buy or wear any fur.

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