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Tell Sears Canada Inc. to Ditch Fur!

One of the largest Canadian department stores, Sears Canada, refuses to stop selling fur, despite the fact that PETA has repeatedly explained to company executives that animals on fur farms live in cramped, filthy conditions before they are bludgeoned, electrocuted, and sometimes even skinned alive. Animals who are trapped in the wild may suffer for days before trappers arrive to crush their chests or stomp or beat them to death.

Sears Canada falls behind other fashion-industry leaders who have dumped fur, such as Gap Inc., H&M, and Limited Brands, Inc.

Millions of animals who are cruelly trapped, farmed, and killed for their fur every year around the world need your help now. Please politely write to Sears Canada's CEO, Dene L. Rogers and urge him to end its sale of fur immediately and implement a fur-free policy. 

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