Help Stop University Faculty From Staging Animal Fights!


For more than a decade, faculty at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW-Madison) have spent millions of tax dollars on staging violent fights between animals in their laboratories for cruel aggression experiments. Experimenters lock large, aggressive mice and smaller, weaker mice together in cages that the animals can't escape from and then watch as the weaker mice are beaten up and bitten repeatedly for as long as 10 minutes. The bouts are videotaped, and experimenters count the number of "attacks" per fight. The winners are then killed and have their brains cut out and dissected.

The federal agencies funding these inhumane and wasteful experiments require that recipients of public funds abide by all relevant state laws, yet it appears that UW-Madison violated this policy for years. Up until very recently, Wisconsin's cruelty-to-animals law clearly stated that it is a felony for any person to "intentionally instigate, promote, aid, or abet" fights between animals—whether the animals be dogs or mice or whether the fights happen in a garage or a laboratory. PETA has co-filed a formal complaint with the district attorney in Madison urging him to prosecute the faculty and staff responsible for past violations of law.

Please join PETA's effort to end the abuse of animals in UW-Madison's laboratories by contacting officials with the National Science Foundation and urging them to immediately cut off funding for these cruel experiments and demand repayment of all tax money already wasted on these barbaric animal fights.

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