Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way.

Stop Blasting Captive Animals With Loud Music


After witnessing a beluga whale become agitated and attack other animals during a party at Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium that featured ear-splitting dance music, PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews sent a letter to the aquarium's president and chief operating officer, David Kimmel, explaining how this kind of audio torture of animals is harmful to the animals and likely a violation of Georgia's cruelty-to-animals law.

Belugas have a sophisticated sonar system that helps them navigate the oceans where they swim thousands of miles every year in large social groups. In captivity, the sonar bounces off tank walls, frustrating the animals. Mathews had conversations with aquarium tour guides at three different exhibits, and each noted that the animals were distressed during this and many previous events featuring music that were held at the aquarium. Animals in aquariums have enough stress as it is, being held captive in a tank that—to them—is the size of a bathtub.

We need your help to ensure that these sensitive animals are no longer tortured with loud music.

Please contact Mr. Kimmel to ask that the Georgia Aquarium implement a policy that would only allow soft ambient or classical music at events.


  • David Kimmel


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