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Ask Air France to STOP Shipping Monkeys to Their Deaths!

 Every year, nearly 20,000 monkeys are ripped from their families and shipped to their deaths in U.S. laboratories.

Terrified and confused, they're packed into tiny crates inside the cargo holds of passenger airlines and flown overseas, where they live the rest of their lives imprisoned and tormented in cruel experiments.

They long to be free. They want to return home to their families, play with their friends, swim, stretch their legs, and swing from vines. But this isn't their reality anymore.

This is their reality:

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How You Can Help

Almost every major airline in the world refuses to take any part in this violent industry and prohibits the transportation of primates to laboratories. Only Air France continues to profit from animals' misery by shipping monkeys to laboratories.

Be a voice for monkeys. Urge this airline to join their peers by adopting a formal policy against the transportation of primates for use in experiments.


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