Protect Animals and Donors From Caboodle Ranch!


Part of Lilly's iris protruded through a hole in her cornea—a painful condition likely caused by an untreated infection. Caboodle founder Craig Grant denied Lilly veterinary care. Lilly died on January 31, 2012.

Watch the investigative video.

PETA recently went undercover at Caboodle Ranch, Inc., a self-proclaimed "cat rescue sanctuary" in Madison County, Florida, that claims to give cats "everything they will ever need to live a happy healthy life." Based on PETA's evidence, officials seized Caboodle's animals and charged its founder and operator, Craig Grant, with felony and misdemeanor cruelty to animals and scheme to defraud.

In June 2012, Caboodle's attempt to regain these animals was denied, and a judge barred Caboodle from having any animals. In May 2013, Grant admitted his guilt in response to felony and misdemeanor cruelty-to-animals charges.

PETA's investigation found that the "ranch" was essentially a one-person "no-kill" operation that subjected approximately 700 cats to filth, crowding, and chronic neglect. Grant denied cats effective veterinary care for rampant upper-respiratory infections and other ailments, sometimes with fatal consequences. Grant also left cats like Lilly to deteriorate and suffer month after month.

Several cats—including some with seemingly treatable conditions—died without veterinary care during the course of PETA's investigation. 

Grant allowed cats sick with fatal feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and leukemia to roam freely and come into contact with cats not known to have either. In order to "clean" sick cats' faces, Grant roughly rubbed cats' eyes and noses with Clorox wipes; insects swarmed around ailing cats at Caboodle; and cats were forced to endure disgusting living areas covered with vomit, trash, and waste and infested with roaches and maggots. 

Despite the fact that all Caboodle's animals were seized, Grant and Caboodle continue to ask the public for donations, including asking for money to defend Grant against a felony charge of scheming to defraud those who already gave him money. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services can help end this by canceling Caboodle's registration to solicit contributions. Please contact officials now.

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