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Tell Bristol-Myers Squibb to Stop Testing on Animals!

Covance Monkey Cruelty

An insider from pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb recently approached PETA with disturbing allegations about animals who suffered painful and gruesome deaths through negligence. 

The whistleblower reported that …

  • a monkey and a rat had been scalded to death when the cages in which they were each housed were carelessly put into the company's mechanical high-temperature, high-pressure cage washer—with the animals still inside.
  • several monkeys were tied to their cage doors to be weighed and then left unattended, and when workers returned to the room, they found that one of the monkeys had strangled to death.

From 2008 to 2010, Bristol-Myers Squibb tormented more than 20,000 animals in its laboratories, including more than 2,600 dogs and 3,400 primates, who were imprisoned in cages, subjected to painful and stressful procedures, and intentionally poisoined to death.


Be a voice for the animals suffering in Bristol-Myers Squibb laboratories.


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