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Canada: Stop Killing Baby Seals

Every year, the Canadian government allows sealers to shoot and bash in the heads of baby seals. Sealers then hook the seals in the eye, cheek, or mouth and drag them across the ice in order to avoid damaging their delicate fur.

Many of the seals have not even eaten their first solid
meal or taken their first swim before they are killed.


Over the last few years, all major markets have banned seal-pelt imports, including the U.S., the European Union, Mexico, Taiwan, and even Russia, which had been importing 95 percent of Canadian sealskins.

We're so close to ending the seal slaughter,
but we need your voice to reach the tipping point.

The time is now to urge Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gail Shea, Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, and Minister of International Trade Ed Fast to help bring the commercial seal slaughter to an immediate end by supporting a government buyout.


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