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A Fur-Free Message From GWAR

GWAR may be the sickest band in metal history, dead set on destroying the human race one city at a time, but there are some atrocities even leader Oderus Urungus and the rest of the Scumdogs find despicable. They've spoken out before against dogfighting by proposing an ingenious new campaign for peta2: "Fight Humans, Not Dogs!" This time, they're taking on an industry responsible for skinning creatures alive. I'm talking, of course, about the fur industry, which is responsible for the gruesome deaths of millions of animals every year. Check out the video below to hear what the members of GWAR think about people who wear fur and to learn about where to find truly one-of-a-kind cruelty-free fashion accessories.

Animals on fur farms endure horrific suffering before being anally or vaginally electrocuted, beaten to death, and even skinned alive for their coats. Foxes, minks, rabbits, and raccoons—and even cats and dogs who are no different from those you might share your home with—are confined to severely crowded cages and left to suffer from starvation, untreated wounds, and severed limbs. Wearing real fur when so many creative, cruelty-free alternatives exist—as GWAR so graciously pointed out—is inexcusable. Join GWAR's fight against fur by signing the pledge below! 

Pledge to Be Fur-Free!


I won't support an industry that causes millions of rabbits, chinchillas, foxes, minks, raccoons, dogs, cats, and other animals a lifetime of suffering and a cruel, painful death. Animals should never be deprived of the right to wear their own skins, nor should humans be allowed to kill them for their fur.

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