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Give Lolita Her Freedom!

Lolita was trapped and stolen from her family off the coast of Puget Sound as a baby. She has been held captive and forced to perform at the Miami Seaquarium for almost 45 years.

This highly intelligent animal hasn't had an opportunity to socialize or interact with other members of her species since 1980, when her tankmate, Hugo, died of a brain aneurysm after reportedly ramming his head into the side of the tank, in what many believe to be a desperate attempt to break out of the tank—or even commit suicide.

In nature, where Lolita's mother still thrives at more than 80 years of age, orcas live in tight family units, with bonds that may last a lifetime. At the Seaquarium, Lolita has no choice but to float in place or swim in endless circles in a tiny barren cement tank that doesn't even meet minimum federal standards and also offers no protection from the burning sun—all violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

You can help Lolita today. Tell Palace Entertainment (Miami Seaquarium's owner) to give Lolita her freedom and immediately release her to a coastal sanctuary that can provide her with a more natural environment.


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