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Dogs Trapped at the End of a Chain

Could you imagine being chained up outdoors as floodwaters rose around you? With no one there to help as you struggled, cried out, and even screamed? For dogs who are left chained outdoors during hurricanes like Katrina, Irene, and most recently Sandy, this is more than a scenario—it is likely how they spent their last few minutes alive.

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As officials declared states of emergency in their communities and ordered evacuations, PETA sent urgent letters to governors in Virginia, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and other at-risk states, asking them to enact immediate bans on chaining dogs. Chained dogs are always at especially high risk during storms: They have no means of seeking protection from the strong winds and widespread flooding and don't stand a chance of escaping rising floodwaters and violent wind gusts. They are in terrible danger of freezing, strangling, drowning, or being hit by flying debris.

It is impossible to forget the haunting images of dogs who were stranded, abandoned, and left to die on chains during hurricanes Katrina and Irene. Dogs should never be left chained outside, and you can help by taking action now!

Please join us in asking state governors to ban chaining during extreme weather conditions by signing the petition below.


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Keeping dogs chained outdoors is a cruel and common practice that is often deadly in times of extreme weather. Animals kept chained outdoors during dangerous storms have no means of seeking protection from the violent winds and widespread flooding. Chained dogs often drown, unable to escape rising floodwaters and violent wind gusts.

I urge you to issue a "no chaining" order during extreme weather conditions in your state so that all citizens--both two- and four-legged--are kept safe.

Thank you.

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