Help Dogs Before the Next Disaster Strikes

Brownie Chained

It is impossible to forget the haunting images of dogs who were stranded, abandoned, and left to die on chains during hurricanes Katrina and Irene and, most recently, during the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. Chained dogs are always at especially high risk during storms and other natural disasters, where they are put in terrible danger by rising floodwaters, extreme temperatures, violent wind gusts, and worse.

As a large portion of the United States begins recovering from this most recent storm, it's important to take action for these dogs before the next disaster strikes. One of the most effective ways you can do so right now is by urging your local government officials in your area to enact a chaining restriction today before even one more animal is put at risk.

Dogs left to fend for themselves at the end of a chain face dangers from more than just disasters like Sandy. They can fall prey to attacks by other animals or cruel people, can become aggressive and prone to attack, or can even die by hanging as a result of getting entangled in their tether. Dogs crave and deserve companionship and are healthiest and happiest indoors, where they are safe from the elements.

It's time to stop chaining now. Please ask the governor of your state to ban chaining during severe weather, by signing the petition below. Dogs need you.



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