Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

Pledge to Save Booty!

Did you know that lambs in the Australian wool industry often have slices of skin on their booties cut off—sometimes with tools resembling gardening shears and often without any painkillers?! It's called mulesing and it sounds pretty gruesome, right?

The Australian wool industry does this to try to prevent "flystrike" (a condition they get because they have been genetically bred to have more wrinkly skin, which allows flies to lay eggs in the folds of the lamb's skin), but cutting chunks of skin off the lambs sometimes causes the condition to worsen. Sheep can even be eaten alive by maggots after they were mulesed as lambs!


YOU can save booty! Sign our pledge below to ditch wool and stop supporting an industry that thinks it's OK to mutilate baby animals! 

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I'm not down with cruelty to lambs and sheep. I pledge never to wear wool or any product that comes from sheep (like UGGs!) and to share what I know with all my friends and family.

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