Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

Free Mali From Her Concrete Hell

Meet Mali, one of the world's saddest elephants. 

Why is Mali so sad? She was still a nursing baby when she was taken from her home in Sri Lanka. For more than 35 years, Mali has been confined to a barren, concrete enclosure at the Manila Zoo.

In the entire time she has been at the zoo, she has never received proper preventative foot care—something every reputable zoo in the world provides. Joint and foot problems are the leading cause of death in captive elephants, and elephant expert Dr. Henry Richardson, who flew to Manila to examine Mali at PETA Asia's expense, determined that Mali already suffers from potentially fatal cracked nails and foot pads, which are open to infection, and overgrown cuticles. Since PETA Asia alerted the zoo to Mali's problems, the zoo hasn't brought in a single elephant expert to help her. 

You can help free Mali! A sanctuary would be able to provide Mali with vast spaces to roam, ponds to bathe in, fresh vegetation, foraging opportunities, and the company of many other elephants. Urge authorities to take immediate action to transfer Mali to a sanctuary. 


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