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Help End Pigeon Racing in the U.S.

caged pigeons

Over a span of two months, PETA went undercover into the world of pigeon racing in the United Kingdom and discovered believed illegal activity and deadly outcomes for hundreds of thousands of birds during a single racing season. PETA investigated all the major pigeon-racing organizations in the U.K. and documented British cross-Channel races (what pigeon racers refer to as "graveyard races") from France, Spain, and the Channel Islands.

PETA is calling on residents of the U.K. to speak out against the many clubs and organizations investigated, but we need you to help us fight similar cruel races here in the United States.

In April 2012, PETA released a 15-month undercover investigation—spanning five states—into some of the largest pigeon-racing operations in the U.S. PETA's investigators found that in many races, more than 60 percent of the birds get lost or die as a result of extreme weather, predators, electrical lines, hunters, or exhaustion. At the 2011 American Racing Pigeon Union Convention race in Phoenix, Arizona, only 827 of the original 2,294 birds survived training flights. Of those, only 487 completed the 325-mile race by nightfall. Learn more about our U.S. investigation, and then take action below.

Please contact the Arizona attorney general and urge him to act on PETA's investigation of the American Racing Pigeon Union Convention by bringing charges against those involved in illegal gambling activities at the convention as other prosecutors have done.



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