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Sears: Ban Wild Animals in Ads!

In March, a whitetip shark who was being used for a Kmart commercial died shortly after the shoot. 

According to whistleblowers who were on set and contacted PETA, the 5-foot-long shark was flown to Los Angeles from New York and placed in a small above-ground pool in Van Nuys, California. Actors reportedly jumped in and out of the pool with an obviously distressed shark who died hours later. 

After the shark was removed from the set, he was replaced with a much more appropriate animatronic hippopotamus, which was later enhanced using computer-generated-imagery (CGI). Even though the hippopotamus is an excellent example of how animal characters can be used without causing real-life suffering, Sears, which owns Kmart, recently ran a new commercial featuring a capuchin monkey.

Monkeys used for television and film are taken from their mothers shortly after birth and forced to live in small cages, causing severe distress and depriving the animals of maternal care that is crucial for their long-term well-being. When monkey "actors" reach maturity and become dangerous, trainers usually dump them at roadside zoos or other substandard facilities. Many monkeys languish in tiny cages in backyards, basements, or garages for decades. Others die after being shuffled from one owner to the next.

Tell Sears: One animal death is too many.

Using the form below, please send a quick, polite note to the company urging it to ban the use of primates, sharks, and other wild animals in ads in favor of humane animatronics and CGI.



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