Urge Oklahoma to Investigate a 'Kill' Buyer Who Admits That He Transports Slaughter-Bound Horses Illegally!

UPDATE: On the day that the results of PETA's investigation were released, Oklahoma Commissioner of Agriculture Jim Reese said that his state is investigating and that details of our investigation have been passed on to the state's attorney general. Keep the pressure on Oklahoma officials, and sign this petition now!

In January 2012, PETA investigators rode with and followed a "kill," or meat, buyer as he transported 27 horses—most of whom had been purchased from a crowded sales barn, where disease can easily spread—from his property in Iowa to a feedlot in Oklahoma. While on the transporter, PETA's investigator discovered that the buyer did not have proper equine infectious anemia (EIA) test forms for the horses as required by state law. He revealed that he uses invalid EIA test forms and also stated that a veterinarian had taught him how to forge such documents.

EIA is a potentially deadly disease that is spread from horse to horse by biting insects such as horseflies. There is no known cure and no preventive vaccine, making it even more important to test horses for the disease. PETA immediately contacted the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF), alerting them to the fact that a horse dealer was apparently unloading dozens of potentially sick horses at a crowded feedlot, where they could infect hundreds of other horses. Despite having received numerous warnings from PETA that the kill buyer was taking horses into the state, it appears that ODAFF has not taken action and that he continues to transport slaughter-bound and companion horses with invalid paperwork.

This apparent flagrant disregard for the law is one more reason why horse slaughter should be illegal. The horses aboard the dealer's truck are just some of the tens of thousands of American horses who are killed each year for their flesh.

If you are a citizen of Oklahoma, please contact the commissioner of agriculture and the governor of Oklahoma. Let them know that kill buyers are not above the law, and urge them to investigate the transporter for shipping horses without valid EIA test forms.


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