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URGENT! They're Burning Cute Sea Lions!

Sea Lion

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is reportedly branding sea lions so that individual animals caught eating protected salmon can be identified and gunned down.

Astoria-area residents have reportedly observed men herding these gentle animals into traps only to burn their flesh repeatedly with a blazing-hot iron. Billows of smoke have allegedly been seen rising into the air during these assaults, and victims have been described as "[lying] on the docks trembling"—an indication of extreme stress or pain.

Disturbing photos given to PETA, which appear to corroborate these reported brandings, can be viewed here. Your voice is needed!

Using the form below, please politely urge ODFW officials to immediately stop the branding and killing of sea lions. Remind officials that these animals are just trying to survive and feed their families, so they should be left alone. If ODFW wants to protect salmon stocks, then banning fishing in its waters would be a good start. If sea lions must be controlled, they can be humanely and effectively deterred using physical and visual barriers.



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