Urge Merchandise Mart to Stop Promoting Dog Breeding

shelter dog

Properties giant Merchandise Mart plans to host portions of shameful Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at its Pier 92 and Pier 94 event spaces in New York City. Despite hearing from PETA about how dog shows contribute directly to the massive animal overpopulation crisis by encouraging people to breed and buy "purebred" dogs instead of adopting homeless animals, Merchandise Mart refused to cancel the event on its property or pledge not to host Westminster or other dog shows in the future.

Not only do dog shows kill shelter dogs' chances of finding a good home, they also can lead to suffering for the animals forced to participate in them. Many "breed standards" require dogs to be mutilated by having their tails docked or their ears cropped. In addition, purebred dogs are often plagued by debilitating diseases and painful hereditary disorders. In fact, dog shows are so detrimental to the health of the animals involved that the BBC refuses to air Crufts, the British equivalent of the Westminster show.

Merchandise Mart is in a unique position to send a strong message that it is unacceptable to glorify breeders and cruel "breed standards." Please use the form below to urge Merchandise Mart to follow the lead of the BBC and pledge never to associate with another dog show.



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