Urge California Pizza Kitchen to Require Suppliers to Stop Dehorning


Many people are surprised to learn that nearly all cows used for milk are born with tissue that will develop into horns. That's because most farmers remove the sensitive horn tissue or the horns themselves from the cows' skulls using searing-hot irons, caustic chemicals, blades, or hand saws.

One simple solution is for farmers to breed for naturally hornless, or "polled," cows. A single gene determines whether or not a cow will have horns, and this approach has proved effective in the beef industry. PETA has shared this information with California Pizza Kitchen and asked that it require its cheese suppliers to phase out the practice, yet the company has refused to act to stop this horrific suffering.

Please take a moment to write to California Pizza Kitchen and politely urge the company to require its cheese suppliers to end the practice of dehorning

Send polite comments to:

G.J. Hart
President, CEO, and Executive Chair, California Pizza Kitchen

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Take Action to Phase Out Dehorning of Cows

Dear [Decision Maker],

I was shocked to hear that California Pizza Kitchen refuses to address the issue of dehorning by your cheese suppliers. Your company has learned about the cruelty of burning calves with hot irons and caustic chemicals as well as the proven solution of breeding for naturally hornless, or "polled," cows. Instead, young calves fight back in pain and fear as their horn tissue is painfully destroyed. I won't eat at California Pizza Kitchen and will tell all my friends and family to do the same until CPK takes action to stop this unnecessary suffering.

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